Guesthouse / Inn

Our guesthouse is a dream that we choose to share with you.

Our Guesthouse

On the outskirts of Arachova, far away from the 'hustle and bustle' of town, we built our house. We chose a quiet place, on the road towards Delphi on a hill overlooking the Delphi olive grove. As its size turned out a little bigger than we needed, we decided to share it with you.

With time this sharing idea gradually evolved and turned our home to a "guesthouse". Seven rooms that can accommodate up to... 1000 guests, because according to the Greek saying "1000 good people always fit".

As we searched for a name, "peace", "tranquility" and the like seemed a little cliche. As such, we decided to give it our name. By that time, every one in Arachova knew it as "Mylonas house" anyway.

We always wanted to keep it 'personal' and refrained from characterising and categorising it as anything else. Gladly, The Greek guide "Athinorama", stepped up to the challenge and ranked us as one of the 50 best guesthouses in Greece.

Our rooms

We have put double beds (proper doubles, not two singles joined) in all rooms. The beds are laid with white duvets and the floors with traditional wollen carpets (flokates). As the temperatures are very low in Arachova we have installed independent heating systems with in-room switches so that you can have total control of the temperature. There is also a TV and a sound system for your entertainment. For those that prefer total quiet your own private fireplace will keep you the best company of all. We prepare the fire wood for you as part of our daily services. All you have to do is light the match.
In order not to worry about making breakfast in time, we provide the essentials for tea and coffee in the rooms as well as a fridge that we are sure will come in handy. h

Our Breakfast

If you do, however, make it in time for breakfast (which we serve until 1pm) we are sure you will not regret it. It can be sweet or savoury according to your preference: cheese pies (tiropita), eggs, cheeses, salamis, homemade jams, apple pies, cakes, "pasta flora" traditional sweets, fresh juice etc... All hand made by Mrs Mary, our family's mum. Everything is always served with pride and attention to detail.

Lily's Atelier

The 'details', as matter of fact, are our passion. This is especially evident in the rooms. Every now and then, Lily (the daughter of the family) changes their decoration. She puts her skills aquired at the Art College of Athens in good use this way as after having gotten tired of the city she moved to Arachova and built her atelier at home. Her work is not for sale but some of it is exhibited in the rooms and around the house. All rooms are primarily decorated using creations from "Xechoro".

Services, Facilities & Amenities

Full home made breakfast served until 1pm, LCD TV, CD player, DVD player, free wireless internet, daily room cleaning and preparation of the fireplace, room service, fridge, tea and coffee essentials.

The above just about covers everything. We are sure that if you do visit us we will all have a great time. However, do call us before you turn up, because even though "1000 good people always fit" (as the Greek saying goes) you might be the 1001st person and might inevitably not fit.

by mediaspice