Rooms in Arachova

Room 1

For classical tastes, with a fireplace and a stone wall. It has a double bed, sitting area, bathroom with 'hidden' lighting and a shower cabin. Its entrance is through the front yard.

Room 2

Spaceous and modern, for all tastes.

Room 3

The "red" room. Decorated with warm red colours and wooden shades, with paintings and wooden collages on the walls, this is a room that sets the mood for complete relaxation. It has a double comfortable bed, a shower, a fireplace and a sitting area with big pillows that will make you feel like royalty.

Room 4

With shades of purple. Modern interior design, a fireplace and comfortable chairs to relax in. It didn't have a shower but we installed one.

Room 5

This is a room with strong character. It has a fireplace right in the centre to allow you to warm yourselves up while sitting or lying down. As with the prevous rooms it has a double bed (with a special headrest) and a bathroom.

Room 6

The room that's at the top of our guesthouse's box-office' for the last five consecutive years. You all keep asking for it, and not without reason. It is a split-level room with a fireplace and a double bed in a wooden attic with a window on the roof. It has a spacious sitting area and a covered balcony with a view of the Delphi olive grove.

Room 7

The "traditional" room. This is also a split-level room with a fireplace and a wooden attic with a window on the roof. It has bathroom, TV, mini Hi-Fi, fridge and petrol lanterns that complement its overall traditional feel.

Room 8

As with all attics not ideal for the tall ones but more so for the romantic ones. With wooden lining throughout, it is probably the only attic with a fireplace that you will ever find. Next to the fireplace there is a large window through which you can admire the beautiful almond trees and the winter sunsets.
by mediaspice